Exstracting Audio From Video Files

Windows 10 Pro
Audacity 3.0.3
Trying to load & extract audio from two very common video formats: MP4 and MKV. Doesn’t work but recommended I install ffmpeg-4.4-full_build which I did.I extracted the file from the WinRar archive which produces a folder containing three folders, the LICENSE & README text file. There are three applications in a folder titled “bin”. When I try to open/run any of the applications, all that happens is a brief flash on my monitor. I don’t know if that’s how that program installs but when I open Audacity and try to load either the MP4s or MKV I’m told those are unacceptable formats and I should install ffmpeg or try importing the video(s) as raw data (which I did). The end result is I cannot extract audio from my video files.
Can anybody help me with this? Thank you.

Audacity requires a compatible version of FFmpeg.
See here for how to install FFmpeg for Audacity: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/installing_ffmpeg_for_windows.html

Thanks. Everything’s working fine now.