Exporting WMV files

I have several WMV files that I need to normalize and amplify the volume for. I have used the drag and drop method to import the file into Audacity and successfully normalized the file. When I try to export the file the only option that the tutorial on ehow said to use was the WMA format. I tried this and did not get a working a/v file. I next tried to export the normalized file as a Custom FFmpeg file using the .avi setting with the pcm_se codec setting. Again, I get an invalid file.

How do I export my normalized WMV file to a usable audio/video file? If it needs to be converted to a different type file I would prefer the final file to be an .avi file so that I can burn it to disk using DVD Flick. I will be putting at least 8 of the normalized files on a dual layer DVD.

Thanks for any help.
Ed Wood

Audacity, even with the fancy extensions will not edit or export a Windows Media Video file. You need a video editor for that. Splitting off the sound portions of a video file is a snap compared to putting one back together. That’s usually where the programmers and developers get you for coding and compression licenses.

Windows Media is a proprietary video format. ©Microsoft


Audacity works with audio, it does not do video.

Thanks, guys for your response.

Is there a shareware/freeware video editor that will accomplish what I am trying to do? I have Pinnacle Studio 14 but I don’t know if it will normalize the audio. I will give it a try.

Any help would be appreciated.


I think that Pinacle Studio can import and export WAV files.

If you can find out how to do that, then you can:

  1. Export the audio from Pinacle Studio as a WAV file,
  2. Edit the WAV file in Audacity,
  3. Export from Audacity as a new WAV file
  4. Import the new WAV file into Pinacle Studio