Exporting wav to mp3 on MACOS

I am new to audacity. I use a MAC computer. I recorded a meditation with 1 track for music (WAV file from envato) and another for my guided meditation. The first practice track was 8 min long. When I exported it I chose convert to MP3, used extreme quality (220-260 kbps) and my voice sounded distorted and unclear. By PURE luck I messed with the software by reducing noise, playing with amplification and the compressor and it converted to a amazing MP3 file. I thought I figured it out… Well I attempted to record a full copy that is was about 15 minutes long and #1 I can’t remember what I did #2 I have spent 5 hours trying to duplicate the initial success and I am STUMPED! How do I convert this file to MP3 with quality sound? What am I suppose to adjust, in what order and does the length of recording affect those adjustments? If so how do I learn to adjust accordingly?? I’m so frustrated… HELP!! pretty please :grinning:


I will have a go at helping you if I can. First, can you tell me what format the project you’re having trouble with is in? Is it an Audacity project file or WAV or whatever? Also, which version of Audacity are you using, please? Once I know what I’m dealing with you can upload it to my Google Drive (or share yours if you have one).

Besides Audacity I have some other audio editing tools. I’ll try some things and then note the steps I took. How does that sound?

Mark B

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