Exporting to wav

Hi - I have recorded a project with about ten tracks and all plays well but when I export to wav and then listen to it - some of the tracks seem to stop half way through. Am I doing something stupid?? Bill

Are the “bad” tracks playing at the right speed, or they’re perfectly normal and just get to some arbitrary point and stop dead.

Is it arbitrary? Do they all stop half-way or some other value?

Which Audacity are you using—all three numbers?


Verson 2,1.2.
The track is about two and a half minutes long and all tracks start fine. After about one and a half minutes only some tracks play?!
Many thanks,

Does your top track start from zero? Is it snugged up against the left-hand part of the timeline?

Alternately, did you find it convenient for time matching to shooch track one slightly to the right?

While your show is mounted with all its tracks one above the other, SOLO one of the broken tracks. I understand the blue waves go all the way to the right, but that’s not an iron-clad guarantee the sound is going to do that. Does it?


Sorry I’m quite new to trying to record. I’ve tried recording to play to my Mother-in-Law who is in a care-home but with some tracks stopping the finished sound makes my poor efforts even worse! Should I try from the start again?
Many thanks, Bill

We’re only guessing, really. Did you use Envelope Tool (F2) on any tracks by mistake?

You could CTRL + F then CTRL + SHIFT + F to fit the project horizontally and vertically, then post a screenshot.

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