Exporting start times of individual tracks

I use version 2.2.2 on Windows 8.1
At the moment I am preparing an app for a language school, in which the user will be able to listen to sentences in his mother tongue translated into the language he learns. I already have all phrases cut and arranged in audacity.
I am looking for a way to quickly export to csv or txt the beginnings of individual tracks, so that the user can conveniently scroll through the mp3 in the app, sentence after sentence - forward and backward.
Please help, because these sentences are almost 3,000, and typing these times by hand will last forever… The whole consists of mp3 packs, in each mp3 there are 50 sentences.

Best wishes

If you select all tracks in the project, then run this in the

Nyquist Prompt

effect, you will get a list in the form:

track-name: track-start-time

which you can then copy and paste into a text editor.

Here’s the code:

;version 4
;debugflags trace

(format t "~a: ~a~%" (get '*track* 'name) (get '*track* 'start-time))

Thanks a lot
That’s working like a charm! (((-: