Exporting selected tracks

Exporting selected tracks - Audacity 3.4.2


Wanting to export the selected tracks, in the dialog I choose “Export Range/Current Selection”, and by setting the “Custom Mapping”, it shows all the existing channels in the project, even though I have muted the tracks I don’t want to export.

I remember that in other versions of Audacity only the tracks that were specifically selected appeared in the “Custom Mapping”.

I am aware that to export selected tracks, they must not be silent.


I hope it can be resolved.


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Current selection has always ignored whether or not a track is muted - the idea being that you have selected the track, therefore you must want to export it. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true, but I hadn’t gotten around to investigate this more deeply.

As a workaround, you can deselect the tracks you don’t want. This is easiest with arrow keys up/down, and pressing Enter on muted tracks.

Hello, thanks for answering!

In the image I shared, you can see that the track I want to export is selected and active (not muted), so when exporting with the “Current Selection” option this track should appear specifically, however all of them appear, silenced or not.

It is as if in version 3.4.2 something happened with this option, because (I repeat) in previous versions, when I did this type of export, it allowed me to make the selection and when using the “Current selection” export option, only the selected tracks, in this version it does not do so.

The way I currently export, having this problem, is that I delete the tracks that I don’t want to export, then I export with the “Entire Project” option, because if I use the “Current Selection” option, it ignores the selected tracks, then I have to return with “Ctrl+z” to revert the changes.

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