Exporting selected audio harder in 3.4

i use audacity for clipping small voice clips into individual audio files and would do so using the export selected audio tab. with the new export menu i find the biggest hinderance the inability to use the file explorer for help with naming these smaller files (names are based on what’s said e.g. hello, hello1, hello2, etc.). it is hard to keep track of these file names without the file explorer.

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Have you tried using the Browse button ?

If you have many exports to do from one track, you might want to select each portion, label it with Ctrl+B, then when they are all labelled, do a single Export Multiple by Label.

might end up going into the hundreds or even thousands (long audio sources)

Don’t overlook Audacity’ Label Editor (Edit>Labels). Also remember that you can Export and Import Labels if you have an external editor that you prefer to work with.