Exporting Problems

Hello, right now I’m working on a fandub clip with audacity and have never had problems with exporting the content before. Suddenly, last night, everytime I tried to export it, it popped up with a message. Here’s one for example:

That message has said “J” “l” or random symbols. However, just saving it as a .aud project is fine. Unfortunately, this is unusable and I don’t think I can convert it with Format Factory. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Is the disk full? Probably not, but it’s worth looking.
What is the exact filename you used for the failed project? Many people get nailed by trying to put dates in filenames. Slashmarks don’t do well and many other punctuation marks don’t, either. Upper and lower case letters, numbers, dash and underscore are unconditionally safe.

I’ve had Audacity try to save a show to the folder containing the application. That may cause problems, too. Try saving to the desktop.


See here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/cant-export-as-wav-or-aiff-file/25029/3