Exporting multitrack

So I’m new to Audacity. What I’m trying to do is export multiple audio files to 1 multitrack audio file. 24 individual tracks to 1 25 channel wav file… doing this hasn’t been a problem, however, the shows I’m working with are at most 50 minutes in length and when they are exported the file size would make sense that all the information is there but when I bring it into QLab there is only 8 minutes of audio. I imported the file back into Audacity and Pro Tools and same result… what am I doing wrong??

Thanks for anyone’s help and suggestions.


Did something that size put you over the 2GB or 4GB file size restriction? 2GB is a soft limit, but 4GB is hard. The file export would have gone to the 4GB limit and given up and started over. It’s an addressing limit. WAV allocates a certain number of bits and it runs out at about 4GB.


Can WAV do muti-track? I think maybe Broadcast WAV can do that, but I think that has a similar size restriction.


Wav can do multi track audio and the files I’ve exported have shown up over 10gb and has the multi track stems in QLab, but are only giving me roughly 8 minutes when they should be 50+ minutes

So your 4GB limit would have run out … twice.

You can rescue the work by opening it in Audacity Raw Import. You can tell Audacity to ignore the file header.

I don’t think anybody else is going to be able to play it.


Doesn’t matter what application I import the file into, they are all still cutting down the length of the files. I’ve tried exporting to other formats and get the same result…

Doesn’t matter what application I import the file into

You have a damaged file. We’re not in Play The File any more. We’re in Disaster Recovery.

Somebody actually had to do this recently and I’m looking for the posting.

It involves File > Import > Raw Data (scroll down).


As you noted, all the expected data is there, but no normal program is ever going to find it because of the “corrupted” file headers. Actually, the headers are in perfect order, it’s just that the headers and the show don’t match.

Did you Export the show in any other format, or did you Save an Audacity Project? This is the poster child of when to use a Project. Large Production with Multiple Tracks.

This is where you ask me what format to save the show in. I don’t know. The only multi-channel surround format I know of is Dolby Surround, and you need an export license for that.



Here it is. Note they tried to produce a large WAV file, too.