Exporting Multiple Tracks

I am recording LP albums using Audacity 2.0.4. I am separating tracks by stopping the recording at the end of a track and immediately restarting the recording to record each track on the LP to a separate track in Audacity. When I’ve completed recording an LP I use the “export multiple” function to export each track separately to the same unique folder for each LP. My question is why does Audacity export the tracks in an order that seems to be random from the order on the LP. In other words, the LP has tracks 1,2,3,4 and 5 and they are recorded in this order. When I “export multiple” the tracks are exported to their new folder in a random order. How can I export them in the same order they are on the LP?

What you’re supposed to do is record one complete side (or both if you want to do a little editing). Stop the recording, cut it if you need to, and place an Audacity Label at the beginning of each song.

Look for the little hole in the blue waves. The song gaps are not that hard to find.

Then Export Multiple. The new pile of songs should export in label order.