Exporting MP3 to ogg as 6 channel stereo NOT mono

I have imported my mp3 audio file & then exported as a ogg file with 6 channels.
When I import the ogg file back into audacity, it comes up as mono. How can i make it stereo
Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean. Stereo is 2 channel audio.
Could you explain what you did and what result you want to achieve.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with “Compiling Audacity” so I’ll move it to a more general board.

Sorry, very very new to all this.

This is what i’m doing. I am trying to make my own guitar hero game. I have the songs & notes. I have complied my own game, though some of the songs are very low in volume. I was told to covert them to stereo. I have done that, but when i reload them into audacity they are mono. Do you think that this will not affect the volume & the song volume will be okay

thank you

No problem, we’ll get there eventually :wink:

What’s the “6 channel” thing that you’re talking about?

“Songs” as in “audio recordings”? Where did these come from?
“Notes” as in …?

Who by?

How? What exactly did you do?

(I’m just trying to get a mental picture of what you are doing and how you are doing it - this would be so much easier if I could just look over your shoulder :smiley: )

I’m using feedback to make the notes to make my own guitar hero game. (search feedback in youtube - make your own guitar hero game). These are chart files. You need a chart & ogg file to make a guitar hero game.
I was told to convert my ogg (audio file) to sterio to enable to volume to be louder

OK - found it http://www.dotblip.com/feedback/index.php?page=about

So where are your ogg files coming from?

The ogg file can be made using audacity or downloaded from scorehero, frets on fire or 2828 frets on fire

I’ll have a wild guess - You’ve downloaded a file from the internet and it has come from the soundtrack of a film/DVD. You imported the file into Audacity and to your surprise it opened as 6 mono files. You are now confused because you don’t know what to do with the 6 mono tracks and they don’t work right in “Feedback”.

Is that somewhere close?
If so, then my guess is that you have imported a multi-channel audio file (5.1 surround sound). Audacity can only show mono or stereo tracks and not multi-channel sounds so it has split the 6 channel sound into 6 mono tracks. You can recombine these into a single stereo track by setting the “front left” and “rear left” channels to the left and the “front right” and “rear right” channels to the right and leaving the “centre” and “sub base” channels in the centre (mono), then adjust the levels until it sounds right and mixing the tracks together. You can set the left/right position of each track with the “pan” slider on the left side of the track and adjust the volume with the volume slider. When it sounds right use “Mix and Render” (in Audacity 1.2.6 this is called “Quick Mix”) to mix down to a stereo track. The mixed (stereo) track can then be exported as an Ogg file, though you may want to use the “Normalize” effect before exporting to bring the peak level up to maximum. The remaining question is; which channel is front left, rear left, front right, rear right, centre and sub? I don’t know - but I would guess setting them as Left, Right, Left, Right, Centre, Centre, and if that sounds weird try a different combination. (you may get some clues about which are the left/right pairs by looking at the waveforms - the left and right are likely to look quite similar).