Exporting MIDI File to Digital Piano Key board

Window 11 I’m new to the world of MIDI, Audio. Can I import MIDI files that I downloaded ( i.e.from Classicalarchives .com) use Audicity as the midi software package and export the midi file to my Yamaha P45B keyboard for play back . my intent is not to edite or compose at this time .All my USB drivers are installed I just need a software package to import and export -don’t need the extra features contained in for example cubase elements
If so need a brief " walk thru" THanks

No. You cannot currently use Audacity to send or receive MIDI information to a USB device. :frowning:

You will need another software package. cakewalk and reaper may have the capabilities you are looking for. :smiley:

Audacity has VERY LIMITED MIDI capabilities and you should look for an actual MIDI application (or a full DAW application).

I THINK you can so some editing of an existing MIDI file, and then re-save it as MIDI.

I’ve not tested on Windows (I use Linux), but it should be possible to import a MIDI file into Audacity and play through an external MIDI device.
You will need to select the MIDI device in Audacity’s Preferences: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/midi_devices_preferences.html