Exporting label track to json format


I got a long audiosprite with a separate label track that includes range labels for all samples. I need that label list to be exported in a needed format (json), not the usual txt file. I understand that I can just write a script that will create a json from a txt. But it would be a tool outside Audacity. I’d like to integrate the functionality to the Audacity since a lot of my colleagues will also be using it.

So is there a plugin that can do a json export with some customization?

Or I need to write my own plugin? If I do need to write it - which type of plugin SDK should I look at?

Audacity version 2.1.2.

Thank you,

Your idea of converting text to JSON outside Audacity is good.


The exports of Audacity labels are in delimited format (with Tab as delimiter).

I made this Audacity Label to JSON Converter to allow you to convert these exports into JSON. You can change the name of the output JSON property for the Start/End times and the Subtitle labels.