Exporting images from Audacity

When I export to an MP3 there is an image that appears on the MP3 from about a month ago. I would like to get rid of that image. I have tried everything and looked everywhere for a fix. This is my last resort, please help me!



To change the cover art, need something like Mp3Tag …

If I could just figure out how it was done, I could undo it. I suppose an uninstall-reinstall would also do it.

Reinstalling Audacity will not change the metadata on the mp3s it created. (Cover art is metadata in the mp3 file).

list of free audio metadata tag editors - Google Zoeken #

The mp3 tag thingy worked! it removed the picture from the mp3!

Thanks a lot!


I really do not care about the mp3 file. I just need Audacity to not put in there at all.

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