Exporting frequency analysis

Hi, I’m doing a project for school which involves analysing a frequency shift over a period of time. I need to be able to export the frequency analysis on the audio tracks into a picture or graph which I can put into a word document for my lab write-up. I have been trying to export it but it isn’t working, how do you do export it as a picture? Thank you!

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The latest versions of Audacity have “screen-shot tools” in the “help” menu.
You can use those tools to capture a frequency-analysis graph as a png image, (see attached).
fullwindow-Frequency Analysis-000.png

If you are on Windows 8, Screenshot Tools don’t capture the title bar of separate windows such as Frequency Analysis or Contrast. If anyone wants the title bar, use ALT + PrtScr then paste the image into Paint and save.


Alternatively, you could export the data from Plot Spectrum using the Export button. That will produce a text file containing the “frequency / amplitude” pairs. Then import that data into a graph plotting application. For example, in Open Office / Libre Office you can import the data into the spreadsheet (“Calc”) application, then plot it as a “chart”. The chart (graph / plot) can then be copied / pasted directly into a word processor or draw document.

This allows you to set your own scale, data range, colours, plot style, and so on.

I presume that Microsoft Office can also do this.

Here is an example that I have exported as a GIF file: