Exporting Files

Hi, I have snooped around the settings of Audacity and I am not sure if what I want to do is possible with the program. Here is my situation:

I am currently running 2.1.0, haven’t bothered to update

I am a manager of a team of volunteers who use Audacity for recording teachings to large groups of college students. The teachings need to be archived so naturally we have them save the files in a WAV format. My issue is that we have had several instances where a volunteer has mistakenly saved it as a GSM 6.10 WAV which is useless due to the grossly compressed effect. We are talking about a 10:1 ratio of file size!

So my question is if there is a way to disable select export options? If I can get rid of the other export options so that we can eliminate this pointless user error that would make my life so much easier. Thanks in advance for any help!

When you export sound with a fresh Audacity, it tries to use WAV (Microsoft) for which there are no options.

I don’t know of any way to disable the other exporting options.


I am currently running 2.1.0, haven’t bothered to update

Unless there is a specific reason to upgrade, you probably shouldn’t. Audacity 2.1.2 will have patches for mistakes in 2.1.1.


Actually, 2.1.1 has hidden GSM WAV as an option inside “Other uncompressed files”. The WAV choices in the main dropdown are now 16-bit PCM and 32-bit float PCM.

If the user chose 32-bit float PCM it may not play on all players and it would be twice as large, but it would be of identical or higher quality compared to 16-bit.