Exporting files [SOLVED]

Recently installed Audacity 2.2.1 with Linux Mint. everything works fine until I try to export an audio file (aup), either in MP3 or WAV.

In both cases an error message such as “cannot export to file (wav or mp3)” pops up. Anyone?..

Please give the exact text of the error message (searching for that text in the code brings up nothing).

The script in the case of exporting to wav is:
“Cannot export audio to/media/chaz/filename.wav”
When trying to export to mp3 : “Unable to open target file for writing”
Thanks, Chaz

Try exporting to “/home/chaz/filename.wav”
The “/media/” folder is usually read only for regular users.

OK that worked when I also specified the Music folder, then I was able to save as wav and mp3. Thanks! :smiley: