Exporting file not successful, no extension added

Using Audacity 2.1.0 on Windows (been a while, I believe I used .exe installer)

Recording a mono audio using a mic with mbox, plays back in Audacity but when exported to use as audio file (.wav, mp3) there is no sound, no file extension on the exported file. Windows Media reports unable to play.

Here is a screen shot after recording-
audacity screen shot.jpg
Advice is appreciated. Joe

Windows famously does not show you filename extensions on file types it knows about. Did you change Windows so it doesn’t hide extensions? The process changes slightly with each Windows version.

What did you call the file—what’s the exact filename? Or what was the whole filename you expected to work?

Drag-select about ten seconds of the show > File > Export Selected: call it something simple like test1. Post it here on the forum. Scroll down from a forum text window > Upload Attachment.


What happens when you re-open the saved file in Audacity?

What’s the WAV file size, and what’s the sample rate (I see 44,100Hz), the playing time (about 8-10 seconds?) and the bit depth?

A 10 second, 44.1kHz, 16-bit mono WAV should be a little less than 1MB.

I do see one odd thing in your screenshot - The time like starts before the waveform, so the waveform doesn’t start until a little past 2 seconds? I don’t know how that happens… I can shift the waveform but I don’t know how to shift the timeline… Maybe somebody else knows.

Looks like the problem was Windows blocking the extension. When I open the file folder containing the file I can play it. Thanks all.

[u]How to show File Extensions in Windows[/u]