Exporting file and adding suffix

I just started working with macros and I am so very impressed… the kind of thing I have been looking for for years!

A bit of background, I am looking to batch process the same files with different processes.

I have three different macro chains that do different things.

I’d like to process audio through each of these chains separately, and the resulting files to be named accordingly.

FILE1.wav would output say:

Is this possible? Right now I only seem to be able to export the file with the same filename as the input.

I know a bit of python so am not afraid to have a crack if someone could point me in the direction of implementation.

Thank you.

If your macros do NOT contain any Nyquist effects (they are listed “below the line” in the Effect menu), then you could create a Nyquist script to call each macro in turn and then use “Export2:” to export each version with a different name.

The Nyquist script could be installed as a “Nyquist Macro”, so that you can then use it on a batch of files.
See here for more information: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/nyquist_macros.html

Have a go, and feel free to ask questions.

Hi Steve, thanks for that.

Actually I have been using a Nyquist effect macro, also a VST which is “below the line”.

Here’s my current chain…


reckon there is a way to implement another Nyquist script here? your answer seemed to imply that there is a clash between Nyquist scripts, or there can only be one in a macro at a time.

oh, thought i replied but it slipped thru… apologies

Thanks for that steve.

So i have been using Nyquist scripts as one of my macros actually. as well as a VST which is also “below the line”… Here is what I have in that example.


Your post seems to imply there can only be one Nyquist macro involved in a chain…?

Will have a fiddle anyway. Haven’t used export2 yet.

I’d be interested in the order of such things too, if I say script together two chains then will it not apply the two chains on top of each other, and not as separate processes on the source files? This is my current understanding of macros.

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The limitation is that a Nyquist script cannot call a Nyquist script - only one Nyquist script can run at a time, so when running a “Nyquist Macro” it is not possible to include “Nyquist effects”.

Could you perhaps modify the process to use Audacity’s “Change Speed” effect instead? Change Speed and Pitch - Audacity Manual

If the “chains” (Macros) include an “Export” step, you will need to modify the macro to remove that step, since we will handle the export in Nyquist.

yes, maybe it’s good to look at that again. i did do some tests and for whatever reason changing speed by a percentage was not as accurate in changing semitones as much as the Nyquist SPEED BY SEMITONE
(Missing features - Audacity Support)
one of yours by the look of it… props!

Have been having a look at Export2, and am a bit lost. I can’t seem to find a reference to it on the reference pages for Nyquist programming.

Seems there’s only a way to export the track to a fixed location with a fixed name using export2 in the macros setup area, and not dynamically assign it using the original file name…

“Export2” is a macro scripting command, so it’s on this page: Scripting Reference - Audacity Manual
(most web browsers use “Ctrl + F” to search for text on a page)

Note that “Filename” must be the full path+filename