Exporting audio

I’ve used Audacity plenty on PC’s and understand that after editing either a audio file, I need to export to a WAV file in order to save my audio. I recently purchased a Mac and, after editing an MP3 file, I’ve attempted to export to AIFF (and every other format) and get the following message: “Cannot export audio to /Volumes/Audacity 2.0.4/Audacity/File Name.aiff”.

I’ve also tried editing MPEG-4 files and get the same result. I downloaded LAME, as well, and get a similar message when I attempt to export to an MP3. Basically, Audacity won’t let me export to any format.

Also, Audacity has force closed on me several times throughout this exercise. I’m a newbie to Macs, but I’ve used Audacity on PC’s for years. It’s been a frustrating evening. Any ideas?

The Mac version has this unfortunate attraction for exporting work to the Application folder. Export it to anywhere else – like the Desktop or Documents or Music.

You need to know that AIFF files are terrific around Macs, but if you ever find the need to share perfect quality music files with anybody else, WAV is going to be handy. That’s why Audacity defaults to Microsoft WAV – it’s gracefully accepted by all three major computing platforms.


Are you running Audacity from inside the .dmg file? You need to actually install Audacity. Double click on the .dmg file and read the text file.


You are running Audacity from the DMG and attempting to write to the DMG, which is impossible. Please install Audacity according to these instructions:

Double-click the downloaded .dmg to mount it
Then to install Audacity, copy the “Audacity” folder from the newly mounted .dmg to /Applications or any other location of your choosing.

– Bill