Exporting audio with deleted sections not removed

I am trying to remove quiet sections from songs on a live album (AAC files) so there is smooth transition from one song to the next. I delete or split delete the beginning and end of the song, usually just a fraction of a second. Then I export the audio (I am also exporting to AAC to use on Apple Music/iTunes). However, when I play the songs, the section I deleted is still there. When I recheck the song (re-import to Audacity), the section I deleted is still there. What am I doing wrong?

No for me on Windows. I am unable to duplicate your issue:

This image is the original audio file. I delete the short quiet section prior to the crowd noise and the music. I have exported the file without saving the project, and after saving the project. In both cases, the song file retains the short quiet section that I deleted (using ctrl-K) or split delete (ctrl-shift-K). This process has worked for me in the past with other similar music files, but is no longer working.

Do you experience the same issue with a .WAV file ? Or is it just AAC ?

I tried it with AAC, MP3, FLAC, and WAV. AAC and MP3 both failed, while FLAC and WAV worked. I guess for now I will have to export to WAV and then use dBpoweramp to convert to AAC. Hopefully someone will be able to fix this for the future.


It is the LAME decoder that introduces the gap at the start of MP3 files…does not add gaps between files if joined as one long track. You can use Edit…Audio Clips…Join…to join all together and they should not re-appear but the gap at the start will be there even if you delete before exporting.
Some bedtime reading here… https://lame.sourceforge.io/tech-FAQ.txt

WAV files have no gap at start

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