Exporting audio on the wrong output

So quick information!

I have the Steelseries Arctis 5 headset and it has two different output (Game and Chat).
I normally use the game option for everything except for communication programs such as Discord and Skype (I use the chat option for that).
Alright let’s get to the point!
Today i tried to export an audio file, but when I played it there was no sound at all… I quickly found out that it was actually playing on the chat option instead of the game option… Is there a way to export it to another output?
I have tried to change the playback device, but it dosen’t work…

Check your [u]playback device[/u] options.

FYI - In Audacity “export” means to render/create an audio file.

Have tried that and wrote it in my post as well :confused:

What is the difference between these two settings?
How / where do you set these options?

What application were you using to play the exported file?
If you try it again today, does that file play now?
Can you play other files in that application?

What is “it”?

What is “it”?

Which program are you talking about? If you mean that you tried to change the playback device in Audacity, did you do that in the device toolbar?

If the sound system / available audio devices change while Audacity is open, Audacity will be unaware of the change and is likely to malfunction. To fix that, you need to either restart Audacity, or tell Audacity to “Rescan Audio Devices” (“Transport” menu) so that Audacity knows what devices are available.