Exporting as Wav Bit Rate Settings

Using an audacity macro to batch convert my stems from stereo to mono.

In doing so, I also need to export the converted files in the macro.

My problem is, the macro “export to wav” only exports at 16-bit depth, and my original stems are at 24.

This drop in quality is a problem, can I set the macro differently, or is there any preference that will change this? I am on Mac OS.

With the current version of Audacity, “Export as WAV” uses the last used settings.
Before you run your Macro, generate or import a short audio track, and export as 24-bit WAV. Then “Undo” back to an empty project and run your script.

Is there a way to add this as a feature to a future version of Audacity?

I export as 32-bit float WAV until all edits are made. Then on my final export I use a macro to run several effects , such as Loudness Normalization, DC Removal, Clip Fix, and Limiter. I then have to go to “Export as Wav” and change it to “Signed 16-bit PCM” then export. Then before the first Export on a NEW project , I have to remember to be sure and reset the encoding back to 32-bit float WAV. I prefer not to save as an Audacity Project as I have had issues with files in the past.

It would make the work flow smoother and easier if the default would stay as one or the other (preferably 32-bit float) then have the macro change to the final desired encoding for the finished product.

Thanks for the consideration,

Windows 10 Pro 1909
Audacity 2.4.2

It’s already logged on the Audacity issue tracker as something that we want.

Great. Thanks Steve