Exporting all tracks in place?

I have about 30 different tracks with Vocal recordings on them. I am trying to export them all but keep them all in their exact place (in time)

The vocals were recorded for a song which was created using Logic Pro 9. I would like to be able to export them all at the same time and then import them all into Logic.
I was able to export all the audio files but they don’t maintain their position and I have to move everything around again to attempt to get them in the same places.
Does anyone know how to export everything easily while keeping Silence before the audio tracks?

In protools I would select all the tracks, then edit-> consolidate all. Then export the wav files from there.

You need to do a kind of manual “consolidate”, then you can use “Export Multiple”.

First thing is to trim off any audio that may lie before time = 0.

  1. Ctrl+A (select all)
  2. Home key (move cursor to time = 0)
  3. Shift + End key (select up to end of project)
  4. Ctrl+T Trim to selection

(These commands are also in the menus somewhere, but it is a lot quicker with the keyboard shortcuts).

Then, any tracks that start after time=0 (“white space” between the start of the track and the start of the audio) need to have a bit of silence added to the start so that when the track is exported it includes the space before the recording.
As an example, if a track starts at “time = 6 seconds”, select with the mouse from about 1 second back to the start. Then select “Generate > Silence”.
Repeat as necessary for any tracks that start after time = 0 (to save time you can select multiple tracks by clicking and dragging across the tracks).

You are now ready to use “Export Multiple” (based on “Tracks”) http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/export_multiple.html