Exporting a copy of waveforms to ppt

I’m trying to export my wave forms to a powerpt presentation. How do I do this?

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Which version of Audacity?
I presume you’re using Windows? Which version?
What format do you want your audio file to be in? WAV? MP3?
Do you know how to use PowerPoint?

I’m using Windows 7, audacity 2.0.0. yes I know how to use powerpt. I dont’ want the waveform as an audiofile. I just want to copy the waveform and put it onto a slide.

Topic moved to the Windows forum.

PowerPoint can’t do that.
You need to export from Audacity as a file (for example a WAV file), then insert the file into your PowerPoint presentation.

You mean you want to put an image of the Audacity window, showing the graphic display of the waveform, onto a Powerpoint slide? Try Help>Screenshot Tools That will create the image file for you. Then add that image file as you would any other.