Exported WAV file does not work - nothing there

Hi, so after I export some of my files to wav, the file doesent open in my windows media player (or any other player). The file seems to be empty, it shows to only have 1kb. Importing it back into audacity, the file is also empty.

I noticed this only happens sometimes, altough the recordings I am editing and the process of it are the same.
When this happens, after I click export wav, the metadata tag list appears and after I click ok nothing happens, there is no loading bar that momentrily pops us. With all my other files that I succesfully exported, that work, after I click the ok on the metadat tag list, there is a brief loading bax that opens for a second or two. When this doesent happen, my files then dont work and have the above described problem.

What is going wrong here and how can I solve this?

Help would be much appreciated…


This could happen if your audio is muted:

If track muted…it is greyed out.
If all tracks muted then when exporting Audacity gives warning that all Audio is muted…and does not export a file.
Can you open your .wav file in a HEX editor… You should see the WAVE format data header at the top of the file even if no Audio is there and if it was actually exported and saved as a WAV file.
If I create a single track with no audio and export it is only about 44 bytes in size… and I can read the header in a HEX editor.

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