Exported name stays always "untitled.mp3" instead of the name chosen in the export settings

… I would of posted both images but for some reason the forums says I’m a noob and I cannot embed more than one item :slight_smile:

In the screenshot you can see the issue. It’s such a simple thing, yet not working correctly: I’m choosing in the recording settings the desired name, date and time - it appears correctly on my project but in the export menu it says “untitled.mp3” instead of the automatically generated recording name that I was choosing in the recording preferences menu. I hope it’s clear …

Now that you introduced the new export menu, this bug is really annoying, since I’m using my particular names for my piano training sessions, names that I need to identify my errors. Before I was using a fast copy&paste because the export was directly opening the containing folder. Now I need to open the folder, copy the name of the last file, modify time and date, paste everything in the name field of the newly introduced export menu and so on. So many added steps for such a thing that should be very simple.

I know it’s all free work from you and I’m thanking you very much for everything.
Anyway, I would be grateful if you could help fix this bug.

Thanks again

Have a good day