Exported files do not show up anywhere but in the save dialog box

I just upgraded to 3.1.2 because I was having this issue and it is still doing it. I have attached screenshots of my problem, Windows 10. I have also tried clearing the metadata and it still doesn’t work.
My project.
The metadata, as I said I tried clearing it too.
The export box in Audacity.
The import box elsewhere, same place I exported to. The exported MP3 does not show up here, or anywhere, can’t find it in the file browser, nothing, but it shows up in the export menu for Audacity. I also tried using wav and same problem.

When the Metadata editor window opens, click the “OK” button to complete the save.

I have done that, it still does not work.

It seems that you have “two different” desktops for two different users, so some files will be visible for one of them, and others for the other.
Not sure about this, but try executing Audacity as administrator.

Better to just check where the files are being saved. For security reasons it is considered very bad practice to run any apps as Administrator unless you specifically want that app to make changes to the system.