Exported Audacity .wav files won't open in Avidemux [SOLVED]

I have been using Audacity for a very long time. Until recently I have been editing audio on Audacity 1.3.12-beta and video on Avidemux on my trusty Debian Squeeze. But now I’ve moved to Devuan (Debian fork) and using Audacity 2.1.1 and Avidemux 2.5.6 GTK from Wheezy (because the current qt version is buggy and really sucks).

So I spent hours rebuilding the audio track for a video @48000hz 32-bit float and exported it as a wav as I’ve been doing for years. Then I opened Avidemux, went to audio settings, choose external.wav, found the file, saved and this nasty message poped up:

“Failed to open the file. Not a WAV file?”

The wav files that I created using Audacity on Squeeze open just fine on Avidemux in Devuan.

Any thoughts how to fix this would be most welcome. I’ll also be posting to the Avidemux forum.



Some software can’t play/recognise 32-bit WAV. You could convert the audio to 16-bit which is universally acceptable.
( I doubt you’ll notice a difference in sound quality by lowering the bit-depth from 32 to 16).

That was indeed the problem. Thanks so much for your suggestion.