Export U-law wav in 8000Hz

I want to make wav files for the Cisco Contact Center.
I have made similar files in Audacity before but now I can’t export them as 8000Hz.

In previous versions of Audacity, I could set the Hz in the lower left corner, but this is gone now.
Now I have to do ‘Tracks > Resample’ and set the track to 8000Hz. Then I can see the track is in 8000Hz. When I export it as WAV Microsoft, U-Law and re-open the file in Audacity, it is back in 16000Hz.

I am using version 3.3.3 of Audacity on Windows 10.

Is there another way to accomplish this in this version of Audacity?

Nevermind, I see I had to set the Project Sample Rate via Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Project Sample Rate.

Why was this removed from the lower left corner? Then I could do this in 1 click…

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