Export Tracks to Roland VS2480CD DAW

Hello Audacity Forum Folks,

Original reel to reel multi-track (4) tape recordings were digitized onto a Roland VS-2480CD DAW. The tracks had a lot of tape hiss. I exported the tracks in WAV file format from my VS2480 onto a CD, imported them into Audacity 3.1.3 and successfully removed the hiss and background noise. The modified tracks were then copied/exported from Audacity (WAV file) onto a new CD. The goal is to ultimately IMPORT them back onto the Roland for remixing/mastering. However, the VS2480 is not reading the CD and the system responds with the following message: “Disk Error”.

I realize this issue is not directly related to the Audacity application. So sorry for that but, do any of you experts have recommendations to enable the CD import of the WAV files/tracks back onto the Roland VS-2480CD DAW?

Thank you all for your time and any suggestions you may have to offer. Respectfully,


Check whether your Roland needs the CD to be an audio CD or a data CD.
Good CD burning apps will allow you to choose which type to make.

If it requires a data CD, check what format audio files are supported.

Hello Steve,
I will try your suggestions. Thanks for taking the time and response. Kind regards,