Export tracklist with timestamps

I have a simple Audacity podcast project with several mp3 files in different tracks. Is it possible to export this list with the timestamps for each song in the format Artist - Song hh:mm:ss?

I’ve added some fade effects to it, so the tracks start sooner than in the original playlist length.

You can create labels for each song and can type in the time in hh:mm:ss and “Artist - Song” as the text for each label.

Then you can File > Export Labels…. The start and end position of each label will be saved in the text file as a time in seconds.

You can convert a labels text file to a Cue sheet using external tools.

If you File > Export Multiple… each exported audio file will take its name from the name you typed in the label. The Artist Name and Track Title can also be saved as metadata when you export as an audio file.


Thank you for your reply, Gale. I expected there would be some way to do this automatically with the ID3 tags of the songs.

I think that it’s going to be faster to use some third-party tool to create the list automatically and then copy only the timestamps manually.