Export to .wav or .mp3 on new Windows 11 laptop

Hi All,

I downloaded Audacity on a new laptop. It’s taken a couple of days to get it up to speed and work like it did on my old laptop. I’ve done some recordings and am ready to export them as .wav files. Audacity isn’t completing this task. There is no error message and a the bar at the very bottom says Stopped. It won’t export to mp3 either. How do I get that to work? Someone is expecting some files.

My recordings had to go out and I thought I’d use One Drive to get the files to my old computer to get exported. I got to One Drive and voila! There were the exported files. I know I selected my computer when exporting. Anyone know why exported files are going to One Drive when a computer file is selected for the location of the exported file?

Interesting info. I’m not audio savvy enough to know all the export options. I did see OGG Vorbis as an option. My files are going to a company that requires MP3. They are audio only files. So far requests for audio only files have been for WAV or MP3 files from me.

It’s called Microsoft!!! I am having a similar problem on both laptop and desktop with Audacity and other programs/apps since a recent Win11 update. It seems to me that Microsoft have decided that mere mortals should save everything to OneDrive if you hit save and DO NOT check the location that is going to be used by manually selecting the first-time save location. You have to/can manually override its default OneDrive location to your preferred location. After some near heart attacks thinking a number of large Audacity file had not been saved, I checked my OneDrive folder to find them successfully saved there. My tip if using Win11 is constantly check the save path to ensure it is going where you want it.