Export to WAV file format recorded at 11 kHz, 8-bit mono.


I’m fairly new to this product. I need to record a message in WAV file format recorded at 11 kHz, 8-bit mono.

Can someone please send me the directions for that?


If it’s not already recorded, please tell us about your microphone and hardware.

Assuming it’s already recorded, and assuming it’s already mono -

At the bottom left of the Audacity window you’ll see Project Rate. Select 11050Hz.

File → Export

Got to Save As File Type and select Other Uncompressed Files

Click on Options

Select Header Type = WAV (Microsoft)
Select encoding = Unsigned 8-bit PCM

Save the file.

I think Doug meant 11025 Hz. “11 kHz” (11000 Hz) is non-standard and could cause issues in some players. 11050 Hz would also be non-standard.

If you were actually wanting U-Law or A-Law (which is automatically 8-bit) you can choose that instead of 8-bit PCM.