Export to MP4/movie Formats for Upload to YouTube, etc

To whom it may concern here,

I was wondering if you could add the option to export MP4 files directly so you could upload to YouTube, etc.

Below is the code for exporting audio to a waveform? video (? = I forgot) when you choose “external program” for exportation, so you could have an idea on how it could work. It is adapted from a StackExchange forum answer.

ffmpeg -i - -filter_complex "[0:a]ahistogram,format=yuv420p[v]" -map "[v]" -map 0:a "%f"

Hope you guys are having a good day!

export MP4 files directly

I can see somebody calling a format violation. An audio-only MP4 file is an M4A—somebody will correct me. There might be provision to display a default gray screen or something like that if a video player hits an MP4 with no actual video. That is an error condition and might easily change with the player. So the job is to check all the players in existence—or force a gray screen.

Audacity will open many different video formats with the idea that Audacity is going to edit or process the sound track. So far, so good. We warn people that Audacity has no provision to put the corrected sound back into the video—you will need a video editor to do that.

Is that the process you want Audacity to do by itself?

What are the chances that a patched, corrected or edited sound track is going to fit back into a video production perfectly with no errors? I think most of the time a simple marriage is going to struggle and more complicated edits are going to demand a video editor—no option.

Closer to home I can see a surge in requests for Forum help on video questions. What could go wrong?