Export Selected exports all of mp3 file

I have an mp3 file and I want to create a new mp3 file from part of it: first time I’ve ever done this. I open the file in Audacity and start to play it. I find the start time & end time of the bit that I want. I set the Selection Start & End times appropriately and play the selection to check it’s the bit that I want. I then try to save the selection as a new mp3 file using menu item File → Export Selected Audio and give the new name in the Exported Selected Audio popup and it appears to save Ok. But when I play it using (vlc) it’s the whole mp3 (i.e. of the original not the selection). I’ve checked that is so by looking at the Properties of the new file. I’ve tried Locking The Play Region and saving but still the same.
PS I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 under Ubuntu 16.04.

What you’re doing sounds correct. I wonder what we are missing.

How exactly are you setting the Start and End times?
When you do that, is the section between Start and End highlighted?
(this is the section of the manual about making audio selections: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual)

When you export the selection, are you giving it a new and unique name?

I’m setting the Start & End times by clicking on the relevant fields and altering them: please see attached screenshot.
I’m not sure about the highlighting between Start & End, as it doesn’t seem to highlight in white after changing the times.
I’ve looked at your quoted reference to the manual about making audio selections. Interestingly, the ‘Selection bar’ doesn’t look the same as in the manual i.e. ‘Selection bar’ shows Start, End & Position in that order; whereas manual shows Position, Start & End in that order.
I did give the file a new name.
I just did the whole procedure again and it worked Ok. I’m baffled.

Sorry Steve, I forgot to attach the screenshot. I’m so used to Thunderbird where it reminds you if you forgot to attach a file when your message includes the word attach or similar.

I see it now.
The region from 1 minute to 6:57 is correctly “selected” (as indicated by the darker grey background). “Export Selected Audio” should export that selection.
What happens if you import the exported selection back into Audacity? Do you see a new track with the expected audio in it?

I imported the exported selection back into Audacity and I saw a new track with the expected size & content of audio in it. I’ve also Open’ed the exported selection in Audacity and that also works.

So is the problem resolved?

Problem resolved. Still baffled why it didn’t previously work.