Export Selected Audio

In the past I was able to Export Selected Audio when splitting a live recording into parts. Now I select a part, click Export Selected Audio and it tells me “can’t find the file”. Which is strange because I have to input the name for the new file. (Audacity 2.3.3 & Windows 10)

What did you call the file?

Upper Case, lower case, numbers, -dash- and underscore. No other characters in a filename.
Use ISO standard dates. Today is 2020-01-15. Not 1/15/20. No slashmarks in a filename.


Or do you mean you didn’t call it anything? What did the old service call it if you didn’t tell it a filename?


I did call it 01.wav and for some reason I tried it a few times (yesterday as well) and it did not work. Now it works again as it should. No idea what went wrong. Thanks anyway!

I found the cause. In the Windows 10 safety settings I have ransomware protection for maps ON. It seems you have to give permission for some apps like Audacity to write in these maps.