export project to work on in Cubase LE????

Hi im about to start doing multi track recording in audacity since my LE can only do 8 and i need 12. I want to know what format i should export my project as so that i can open all recorded tracks into cubase? Im thinking AIFF?


AIFF or WAV. I’d use WAV.

Note that when you Export a track, any gap between the start of the recorded track and the zero seconds mark is discarded.
For example, if your recorded track is 10 seconds long, but it does not start until “time=5 seconds” and then continues to “time=15 seconds”, when you export the track (using “Export Selection”) the Exported file will be 10 seconds long (the 5 seconds of “nothing” is not exported).

The quick way round this is to add a little bit of silence (Generate menu > Silence) at the beginning of the track.
Silence is not “nothing” (it’s samples at zero amplitude) so then the full 15 seconds (5 seconds of leading silence and 10 seconds of sound) will be Exported.

Gotcha, so when i open the .WAV in cubase i will have all the track info?


No, he didn’t say that. I don’t believe Audacity Projects will open up anywhere else. The WAV file will carry all the musical notes and the filename. That’s pretty much it.


You will have tracks the right length so they will line up correctly.

There’s actually quite a lot of things that you can do that will help you - have a good play with Audacity and get familiar with it - especially the Export functions - before you attempt anything serious.

AIFF files will carry some extra information, so you may be right there. You’ll need to try one out and see what goes.