Export multiple tracks without creating meta data

Hello all,
I’m working on a project where I need to edit about 700 WAV-files.
When I use “Export multiple” Audacity automatically creates titles and track numbers for each file, even though there is no meta data in the original files.
Is there a way to export multiple files without creating any meta data?
Thank you.

I don’t think so, but see here: Redirecting

I use EasyTag when I need to modify or remove metadata from a directory of audio files.

  1. Right click on one of the files and select “Open with EasyTag”.
  2. Select All.
  3. Click the “broom” (remove tags) button.
  4. Click the “down arrow” (Save to files) button.

All metadata has then been removed from all of the files in the directory. The entire process takes just 4 clicks.

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