Export Multiple Tracks causes my song to be out of sync


I have followed the advice on this forum for exporting multiple tracks for a rap song I recorded on audacity. I am looking to send the song for mixing to another professional. However, when I import the song into another DAW, the song is distorted and off-beat. I followed the instructions down below to correct this:

Ctrl+A (select All)
Home key (cursor to the start)
Generate menu > Silence and select 1 second (insert 1 second of silence)
File menu > Export Multiple and select “split files based on tracks”

However, my song is still out of sync (lyrics don’t mesh with the instrumental)

What other avenue can I take for this problem or should I just use another DAW? It doesn’t seem like there is a real solution to this minor problem.

In Audacity 2.3.3, Export Multiple ignores any empty space that may be at the start of the track. The exported track starts from the beginning of the first audio clip in the track. (This has been fixed in the next Audacity release so that empty space at the start is rendered as silence).

The solution for Audacity 2.3.3 is to generate a small bit of silence at the start of every track. To do this:

  1. “Ctrl+A” (Select All)
  2. “Home” (cursor to start)
  3. “Generate menu > Silence” set the duration to 1 second (or some other amount), and then “OK”.

I did this multiple times and my song is still off-beat and out of sync. Looks like I have to use another DAW because if that is the only method to fix this then it is looking really bleak.

Did it sound in-sync when you played it in Audacity?

It was off beat in audacity as well

OK, so this probably doesn’t have anything to do with Export Multiple.

To record an overdub (your voice over a backing track) and have the two synchronized, it is necessary to set up “latency correction” before you start recording. This page of the manual has instructions: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/latency_test.html