Export Multiple pops export dialogs + main window to the front, hiding any other open window


This is a re-post of my topic Annoying pop-ups when exporting, which unfortunately has found no interest. For a detailed description, please see this topic.
I reported two issues there:

  • The one about missing file names in export dialog got recently resolved (acknowledged as a regression here - I linked this to my topic).
  • Regarding the other one - about export dialogs popping to the front - I found that this works fine (not popping to front) until v3.2.5. For v3.3.3 and later the export dialogs + the main window keep hiding any other overlapping window.
    I’d appreciate if some of the higher elves could verify and submit an improvement request to fix this usability regression.

Thanks for your input. I wish I had some answers but I only have confirmation of the issues.

This all seems to be related to an earlier post of mine: Export Multiple dialog comes to the foreground for every file?!

At that time, I was told it would be resolved in a subsequent release… which is why I updated to 3.5.1… which turned out to have so many new “features” (including some old ones taken away) that I reverted to 3.3.3.

Given your information above in regard to the annoying popups-to-the-front issue in 3.3.3, I may decide to revert further to 3.2.5.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the cross-reference. So hopefully we get a “critical mass” together that this will get some attention :slight_smile:

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OK - I tested 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 and in both versions the effect (hiding other windows) doesn’t appear any more. On the other hand during export, the small export windows for each individual file are hidden behind the main export window, so you can only glean progress from the program icon blinking in the task bar until in the end the summary export window shows up. Which is OK, because the export process doesn’t interfere with overlaying windows any more.
So I’d say this is resolved for the current versions - unfortunately not for those who want to/have to use pre-3.5 versions …