Export multiple not working for me

I have recorded (from mic) 4-5 tracks. They appear in one horizontal line across screen.

All I want is to export each one separately into its own file. I have saved original as a proj.

  1. Export multiple gives me only one file.
  2. Export selected audio, on each track separately, 4/5 times, gives me identical length files, so I have not bothered to listen to them. I have checked the item in prefs (to omit silence, as I understand it).

How can something so simple be so difficult?
rave: U should really throw away the whole UI, but keep the core functionality. end rave. also, throw away the docs.

So if you label each of your 4-5 tracks with Ctrl-B, then Export Multiple (by label) should work fine: Creating and Selecting Labels - Audacity Manual

I could not figure if CTRL-B put the label at beging of track. Lots of stuff in manual about “sections” and moving boundaries, nothing about “whole” tracks(that I could find)
So instead, 1st updated to 3.3. Then select one track by clicking just above waveform, then “export select audio.” This worked.

I guess “export multiple tracks” is BUGGED when all tracks are on same LINE (what dya call it?).

Glad to hear this is working for you.

I am unable to duplicate your issue here.

THX for being there and helping.

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