Export Multiple Not Possible

Have used Audacity for many years though not for a while. Just recorded an LP with multiple tracks. Unlike previous versions it seems I can only save the entire recording in 1 huge file. I have read the forum and help but that is no help. A screen here: Exporting multiple audio files - Audacity Manual Shows a FIELD Split Files Based On.
I do not have that in my Export Window.
I have Export Range>Entire Project which is default selected.
There is an option Multiple Files but it can not be activated.

All in all the Export window I have is missing Several Fields shown in the link above.

How in the world can I export to multiple files in order to name each file according to the song recorded. Was simple before.

You do that by creating a “Label” track. Click the cursor to the start of any particular song. Type Ctrl+B, and the name of the selected song. You should now be able to select the “Multiple Files” option. One audio file should be output per label.

Well well if that ain’t the truth jademan!! It has been too long since I recorded an LP and totally forgot to name each song thinking I did that on Export. <Insert here huge embarrassed emoji!!>