Export Multiple Clearing Metadata ?


I’ve got multiple MP3 files that I want to save as WAVs but as I export them I want to clear all metadata from each file.
I can do this on a per file basis, but I’m looking to automate it.

I’ve tried turning off ‘Show Metadata Tags editor before export’ in preferences, selecting all my filew and then going to Edit / Metadata and clearing it there. But when I export the files there are still some tags added.

Is there anyway to clear the metadata on multiple files at once, so I can bulk export them ?


Before starting the export:
Open the Metadata Editor from Audacity’s “Edit” menu.
Click the “Clear” button, then “OK”.

Thanks for the reply, but this is still adding metadata to the exported files.

If you have a step by step process I’m happy to try that.


Really? What metadata is it adding?
Where do you see that metadata?


The meta data being added is the Track Title and the Track Number.
I have to export multiple and then clear the metadata on each file before it’s saved.


For clarity, this is the process I’m using.

Import Audio, Selecting 4 files
Edit / Metadata, Clicking Clear and OK
Export Multiple, Selecting WAV (Microsoft)

The Edit Metadata Tags window appears with the Track Title and Number filled in.


Ah yes.
The manual says:

For both splitting files based on tracks or labels, the metadata exported for each file will be the same (except for Track Title and Track Number) unless your Import / Export Preferences are set to show Metadata Editor and you enter the metadata for each file manually. If you want to import and export multiple audio files and preserve each file’s tag values automatically, use Macros instead.

So it appears that the behaviour you are seeing is correct / as intended.

Is there anyway using a marco to export multiple files and clear the metadata ?

No. You need to clear the metadata yourself, and then export.

I don’t know what your use case is, but given that Audacity’s support for handling metadata is quite limited, perhaps it would be easier to use a dedicated metadata tag editor to clear the metadata after you have exported.