Export Multiple and changing meta data impossible without mouse IN 3.4+

Hi, correct me if I’m wrong but the export multiple has been moved to within the overall export tab. Before 3.4, when I had a string cut up in many parts, I could flip through it using my keyboard only. Now, for every next song, I need to use the mouse. Is there another way maybe? I copy paste info from excel using alt+tab to flip between applications. Perhaps there is an easier way to do this…

@David_Bailes can you take a look at this ?

thx, please let me know if what I describe is clear.

Could you please describe exactly what you are having to do with the mouse which you previously could do with the keyboard?

Jumping to the next track/window to add new meta data. It seems this can only be done by clicking ‘>’ fot the next track/label.

Previously, [ENTER] would open up the next track until all were done. The last enter would render the tracks

I hadn’t noticed those buttons before. Unfortunately as their labels are symbols rather than text, they don’t have access keys.
However, if the focus is in the table, you can move to the next or previous control by pressing Ctrl + Tab, or Ctrl + Shift + Tab.
So from the table, you can move to the ‘>’ button by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab doesn’t do anything in the edit metadata window. I’m using mac. Tried many of the standard combination, I can’t Jump to the ‘>’. thx

And Cmd + Shift + Tab ?

That jumps to other programs within the OS

On Windows, an alternative would be to press Ctrl + Home, to move to the first cell in the table (might be Cmd + Home on Mac), and then press Shift + Tab.
Probably won’t work either!

I’ll check later this afternoon as my laptop does not have a home button. But if it gets to a series of combinations like this, I’m probably better off using the mouse or writing a macro. Best option for me is downgrading I think.

correct, doesn’t work. I reinstalled 333 for now

Yes, the ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons in 3.4.X aren’t very convenient when using the keyboard. I think something like the following might be better: have previous, next, and close buttons, with the next being the default button for all but the last file, when close is the default button. Then you could just use Enter to move through them all, as you could in 3.3.3.

Yes! A second ENTER like in 333 would be great. Arrows to flip through the grid, ENTER to save the entry and another ENTER to jump to the next meta grid.

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