export mp4 to 16bit pcm wav, imported shows 32bit float

Win 7 pro -Audacity 2.0.3
I am stitching wav files together to make an “Audio CD” to be used in an older performance venue. I imported an mp4 file and exported it to 16 bit pcm wav format. I imported the wav file back into Audacity and it shows as 32 bit float. Is this simply the working format or have I missed something in my process? Thanks in advance…

Audacity does not have “Clip INFO” and no way to get it. Audacity converts audio internally and it’s a little “Alice in Wonderland” trying to figure out what you have.

Much better to use a stand-alone program like Media Info.


However, I probably wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you export your work as 44100, 16-bit, Stereo, it will slide right into any Audio CD Authoring program.

Don’t worry about filenames or other information. Audio CDs don’t carry song titles. The CD Authoring Program should let you arrange the songs any way you want, but Windows will insist on alphabetic listings until you get there.




thanks much, I figured it was Alice in Wonderlandish in there and normally I would not even think twice about it. Problem is I am sending my partner to perform and have no way to check out my cd before hand. I am just trying to be absolutely sure it will play in their “Audio CD only” device after I edit the pieces together and export it. As a note of thanks I have been using Audacity for several years to create her music montages and it has never let me down… cheers

Audio CD Authoring Programs will not make a wrong CD. If you select “Music CD” in the program’s options, the program should convert whatever you have to whatever it needs. The whole music CD concept was to produce an unquestioned disk that will play all over earth.

Worst case is you supplying music in a format that the program doesn’t understand. In that case, it will just fail. I had a very early burning program that didn’t understand a mono sound file.

If you’re paranoid enough, you can get a CD player that won’t play anything else but sound. I have a portable unit that is very picky about the disks it will play. I have Lori (my lorry) which will only play real music CDs.

Quality Control doesn’t work with a computer. Computers will play anything.