Export MP3 to MIDI error message

I am new to Audacity. I am trying to convert MP3 music files to MIDI files to play through a Casio WK8000 keyboard. I have a Windows 10 system. I installed the lame-enc and the ffmpeg files. When I open the MP3 file and try to Export Audio using the “Other uncompressed file/ SDS option” I get an error message the file cannot be exported in that format. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Audacity can’t do that. Audacity isn’t a MIDI application, although it as some has very-limited MIDI capabilities.

Google “MP3 to MIDI” or “Audio to MIDI”. There are applications that may be able to do it, depending on the “complexity” of the audio recording. If you have a “regular song” with vocals and drums and multiple-simultaneous instruments playing chords, it may be impossible.

…Any [u]DAW[/u] can go MIDI-to-audio, but audio-to-MIDI is difficult and not often done.

Thank you for the prompt reply. You confirmed my suspicion about the probability of this type of file conversion; but I thought I would give it a try anyway. However, there is an article at www.videosolo.com titled “MP3 to MIDI Converter - Best Ways to Convert MP3 to MIDI” that I used for reference. It specifies Audacity as the best platform for this along with detailed instructions on the procedure. I followed those to the letter and failed. Apparently they are spreading false information.
Thanks again for the assistance.

Apparently they are spreading false information.

Or maybe incomplete.

MIDI is machine control. It’s not music. If you start with a single piano and someone playing one note at a time, you have a fighting chance at conversion.

Concert Grand Piano.
Press middle C hard.
Hold it for three seconds and let go.

That is one greatly simplified MIDI command.

I used to enjoy changing the first instruction of a MIDI song to some other instrument just to hear what happened. I think I was using Cakewalk, a MIDI app.

Now present with a song that has multiple instruments, reverb and three people singing. Convert that to MIDI. I’ll wait. Audacity cannot split a mixed song into individual instruments, sounds or voices.

One problem is the music people do a good at hiding what’s really happening. Play a MIDI song on your computer and it looks like you’re playing a MIDI song. What you’re really doing is assigning MIDI commands to the music interpreter inside the computer (where it finds a Concert Grand Piano programming) and plays that.

You can play that MIDI piano song on several different computers and get several different sounding Concert Grand Pianos.


Yes they are. MIDI “Sample Dump Standard” is NOT a MIDI file, it is audio data in a format that can be transferred over a MIDI network. It is used for such things as sending “sample data” or “loops” from one MIDI sampler to another, or for loading sounds into a sampling synth.

To turn music into an actual MIDI file, it is necessary to analyze the music and work out what notes are being played on what instruments, then generate the MIDI commands that will tell a synth or sampler which notes to play, with which sounds. It is very difficult for any software to do this, though there are a few (expensive) programs that can sometimes succeed (such as AudioScore Ultimate, for around $250).