Export MP3 - saveAs previous file name. An Option?

Audacity 3.1.3 - Windows
Hello. I am recording a complex text which is sprinkled with German names, footnotes, and chunks of musical score.
I decided that I would record the digitized pages one at a time, so that corrections could be made locally without editing a very large file of 50 minutes or more.
I record one page, and then choose File, Export, As MP3.

The dialogue presents me with a list of previously exported tracks (BAS_379.mp3, BAS_380.mp3, BAS_381.mp3, etc) and a suggested filename “untitled.mp3”.

Is there a way to have this dialogue box present me not with “untitled.mp3”, but with the name of the most recently exported track (in the example above “BAS_381.mp3”?

This is not just a matter of saving me a second or two, but a means of reducing my data input errors. A common sequence of , five times, and then overwriting the least significant digit is less likely to cause me to make an error in the file name which, even if detected, can cost me minutes or more down the road.
As you might guess, I am about to slog away on page 382 …
Chris Greaves

(a week or two later)
My saveAs dialogue has changed. I had a day or two ago set Preferences Directories blank “Leave a field empty to go to the last directory used for that operation” and that is working well for me.
I have two or three recording session in one chapter before moving on to the next chapter.

I am still not sure whether that affected the saveAs dialogue, but I do find it easier to backspace over one or two digits and type a new digit, than to retype the entire name.

When I encounter similar situations, I simply click on the file that most closely matches my target, then edit the name manually. :smiley:

Thank you jademan
Me too!
But I am a two-fingered keyboard guy, and my brain remembers the rhythm of the sequence:-

<Right-Arrow> five times

If I have to use the mouse it becomes:-

<Tab> twice (I think)
<Right-Arrow> five times

I got “Into Computers” because I was lazy, and that is why I am still trapped here. :smiley:

I sometimes put in 18 hours a day to cope with my laziness. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: