Export MP3 including Label track

Afternoon folks,

Still getting up to speed with the ‘care and feeding’ of Audacity… but need a bit of direction on an issue.

I am working with a song with lyrics in Latin (of all things) and to help I have added the lyrics under the audio in the Label track.

Because of the rate at which this song is arranged, I have slowed the temp 17% … all of which works fine.

I would like to Export the song, with label track, to a .mp3 file. Selecting Export Audio, results in the file being created, but without the Label track… I would like both.

Any wish to share where I shot myself in the foot with this one?


Windows 10
Audacity 12.1.0

Labels are an Audacity feature (for Audacity projects).

You can embed lyrics in MP3 files (or you can have a separate LRC file) but it’s not supported by Audacity, nor is lyric support built-into most players.

There is a tool/utility/plug-in called [u]MiniLyrics[/u]. It works along with most audio player software (Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, etc.) to display synchronized (or unsynchronized) lyrics embedded in the files or in an associated LRC file and it allows you to add/edit lyrics. Plus it has an online database with lyrics to most popular songs, but you’ll probably have to (re-)write your Latin lyrics yourself. :wink: