Export label formats

I’d like exports labels to be “parent track name” concat “label”. Parent track is track name from which “splits” were made.

How close can I get to this?

What does this mean? What exactly are you doing?

I have a mp3 loaded and want to split it into several pieces and export each piece with a file name that is “original loaded file name” concat “lable name.”
I cannot say it any clearer. Example: loaded file BigDog and added lable track labels L1 and L2. Resultant file names I want are: BigDog-L1.mp3 and BigDog-L2.mp3.

So there is only one audio track, and one label track involved?

(I think it would be impossible if you had multiple audio tracks and label tracks, but with just one of each I think it is possible… but I’ll need to work on it …)

Wow…did not mean to cause some one to modify Audacity.
I was assuming it was in preferences somewhere and I could not find it, or I could write a macro.

Yes, 1 audio track, and 1 label track.

I wasn’t planning to modify Audacity. I was going to see if it could be done with a plug-in or macro.

I’m still unclear about this part:

When exporting label tracks the normal way, it creates a file with the name “Labels.txt” (or similar), and that file contains text in the form:
start-time end-time label-text
Do you mean that you want the file name to be prepended with the name of the audio file (what you originally asked for), or
Do you mean that you want the label-text (within the “Labels.txt” file) to be prepended with the name of the audio file (what you now appear to be asking for)?

Or are you asking about “Export Multiple” based on Labels?

Yes, I am asking about “export multiple”, and speaking about the names of the resultant mp3 files. Am not interested in any .txt files.

OK, I’m with you now. I thought you were asking about exporting labels.

I don’t think it is possible to do what you want with Export Multiple. Probably your best option is to Export Multiple using the label names, then use another app to batch rename and append the original file name to each exported file. Alternatively, manually add the original file name to each of the labels.

thanks for UR interest and chit-chat. Im sure U know much more than I do about what is possible via plug-ins and macros.


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